Full Disk Overwriting

Full disk overwriting is a method of erasing data on a computer or related type of machine. This kind of overwriting is targeted at the entire hard disk of the computer rather than other methods which may just overwrite specific partitions of the disk in question or which may not be able to access hidden or locked areas on it.

The process of disk overwriting is one of the most secure and effective ways of deleting data from a hard drive or disk. Although many people think that deleting data themselves on their drives and disks is enough to remove the data permanently this is not the case. This kind of basic deletion process will appear to remove the data but will actually only remove it from sight. There are nowadays plenty of software solutions that can be set up to retrieve data that is deleted in this way.

A full disk overwriting package, however, looks to get rid of data once and for all by basically overwriting it so that it cannot be recovered again or found in its original form. Most software packages will overwrite data here by using a multiple series of 1s and 0s to write over the data. The more times that a full disk overwriting package can write over the disk, the more secure the overwriting solution will be.

Full disk overwriting is often used in industry, government, military and all other kinds of sectors where the erasure of confidential or sensitive data is vital. So, for example, a bank may use this kind of full disk overwriting service to delete sensitive information such as bank account numbers, details and personal data.