Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a specialist field within the commercial and forensic science sectors. This field involves the retrieval of computerised data from machines, systems and networks. It can be used for commercial purposes or as a part of a forensic science/criminal investigation. A specialist here can retrieve and assess data from computers, mobile phones and external drives as well as a range of other devices, for example.

Nowadays police forces all over the world deploy computer forensics to help them solve cases and to help them gather evidence against criminals. A computer forensic scientist, for example, may investigate a computer or related device/technology to gather evidence in a criminal case such as fraud. Or, they may look to retrieve incriminating data from a computer in a child pornography case. And, this kind of specialist can prove invaluable in some missing person cases as they can investigate computer activity such as chat room and email activities to set up a picture of the plans of the missing person and their activities.

In commercial terms computer forensics can also be used in a variety of ways. A specialist here, for example, could come into a company to retrieve key data that has been lost, damaged or deleted by accident. Or, an investigator could look at a machine as part of an employee surveillance system. This field of science is also used to assess the actions of hackers to try and prevent future attacks.